Awkward moment Stormi pans Kylie Jenner's 'rise and shine'

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Kylie Jenner has revealed a new version of herself, and it's the dawn of a new lullaby era. Photo: Instagram/kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner has a habit of revolutionising whatever industry she dips her toe into, and it looks like waking up will never be the same again.

The makeup mogul has gone viral for a slightly different reason to usual after a snippet of a lullaby she sings to wake daughter Stormi, squirreled away at the end of an office tour, sparked a musical revolution.

I suggest you take a moment to appreciate it:

As it turns out, the song’s muse, Stormi herself, has reacted to the internet’s version of her mum’s mini lullaby, and to quote another songstress, it don’t impress her much.

Suffice it to say things get pretty awkward in another video posted to Instagram, in which Kylie plays a remix of the two second melodic bliss, only to have Stormi ask for daddy’s music instead.

Daddy, of course, being Travis Scott, aka Kylie’s recent ex, aka Grammy-nominated rapper.

Safe to say that’s a tough gig to follow for Kylie, who almost instantly caved, taking the phone off her daughter to presumably replace her musical venture with her ex’s more critically acclaimed ones.

‘Rise and shine’ - a tour of Kylie Cosmetics HQ on YouTube, turned musical awakening

The moment that sparked the magic happened during an office tour video. Photo: Youtube

For those not in the know about Kylie’s recent foray into the world of on-line remixes, the mum was captured in a rare moment, summoning Stormi from sleep with a wake-up call for the ages.

A melodic rendition of the age-old classic ‘rise and shine’, it’s become an instant hit and the mum-of-one, makeup guru and reality star can officially add ‘very short lullaby prodigy’ to her resume.

If you have ever, hypothetically, belted out your favourite tune (My Heart Will Go On) while vacuuming the floor and surprised yourself with how actually amazing you sound when you hit the ‘near, far’ moment, you will relate to this Kylie moment in a big way.

Understated, short and oh so sweet, the two-second sample has pretty much reinvented mornings, and the internet has embraced the new dawn (literally), with open arms.

Social media reacts, Ariana Grande asks to remix

Predictably, the reactions have come in thick and fast, and are the perfect antidote to anything getting you down.

Some have done the smart thing and made the melody their alarm.

One woman even added a choir.

Most importantly the current queen of pop has given the sample her full attention, sharing her own rendition and asking if she can sue the sample in new music.

That's right, Ariana Grande is officially risen and shone.

Others have put the moment in a more appropriate setting.

Let it be said, we are witnessing a morning and musical moment in time, and Stormi is pretty much the only person who doesn’t have time for it.

Rise and shine Stormi, rise and shine.

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