Ring, Ring! Summer Is Calling and It Has the Best Strawberry Smoothie Recipes on the Line

Lauren Harano

Sweet, refreshing, and full of pure summertime bliss, strawberries are the season's finest produce. Hot afternoons call for ice-cold beverages, and there's nothing more enticing than a strawberry smoothie. The fruit's sweet flavor pairs effortlessly with everything from leafy greens to spiced chai, making these versatile smoothies suitable for all taste buds. Whether you're on the hunt for a poolside refreshment or you're looking to get your daily dose of protein, these recipes have got you covered. With everything from kale-infused drinks to libido-boosting concoctions, you'll be able to enjoy strawberries like never before. Read ahead to see our favorite strawberry smoothie recipes, and sip on the sweetness of summertime now. Enjoy!


This Easy Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe Will Make You Feel Like You're on Vacation With Every Sip