Rihanna Enters New Era With Honey Blonde "Buss Down"

For those who knew Rihanna from way back in the day (The mid '00s) you'll remember that Rih has always been the hair chameleon. She has always been on the A-listers whose hairstyles and colors represented the current era of her life. (Think "Rated R" and "Loud" albums.) Well, now the megastar has hit the scene with a honey blonde update — and it's giving nostalgia blonde circa 2012.

For the last few months, the Fenty Beauty founder has been teasing lighter hair shades, possibly lifting her natural hair color or testing different wig styles. Now, while we can never know what to expect from the singer, we were 1000% not expecting her to pop out with a 27-28 inch honey-blonde "buss down."

And for those wondering, it's not a wig install; this is a true hue she's taken her hair, which lets the Hypebae Beauty team know that a new era is coming. Maybe we'll get an album after all. We'll keep our fingers crossed on that end, but for now, we'll get into RihRih's new pending era.