Ricki-Lee Coulter reveals the reason she doesn't want kids

Aussie popstar Ricki-Lee Coulter revealed the reason behind her decision not to have children when she stopped by Nova FM this morning to promote her new single Happy Ever After.

Speaking to hosts Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald and Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli, the 28-year-old, who is now engaged to fiancé Rich Harrison, recalled that her mother, Loretta Sheeran, who had her at a young age, 'dumped' her with relatives while would go out.

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"My mum had me when she was really young and so I was dumped with whoever aunty or friend or cousin who would take me while she went out partying, being an 18-year-old", she said.

The singer's parents separated when Ricki-Lee was only three-months-old, with the pair relocating to the Gold Coast where her mum was forced to work two jobs to make ends meet.

Ricki-Lee has a close relationship with her mother, uploading this pic of pair on July 5 with the caption: 'Mother & daughter time tonight'. Source: Instagram

"I have so much respect for people who actually do do it but I wouldn't want to put a kid through what I went through", she added.

The mother-daughter duo are close these days however it has clearly had an effect on the stars' adult relationships, revealing her decision not to have kids as a major cause of the break down of her first marriage.

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"The hard thing was I got married, stupidly, when I was 21 and he really wanted them [kids]," she revealed.

"And I felt that pressure of him wanting to have kids, and that maybe I was going to change how I felt about it and the things that I wanted to in with my life, to make him happy", she added.

Ricki-Lee says it was a huge relief when she found out her fiancé shared her views on having children. Source: Getty Images

However Ricki-Lee went on to gush about her current partner, Rich, who she says shares the same views on kids as her, revealing that they talked about it from very early on.

"It was one of our first dates," she said, "and I think he brought it up and I was like, "Oh thank god!". He's just always known that he never wants them."

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"I feel like it's a blessing in disguise, but it's a great thing that both of us are on the same page with it and no-one has to compromise - and you never know I might turn 40 go, 'All right come on! Let's pop one out'"

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