Ricki-Lee Coulter: Our wedding secret!

Ricki-Lee opens up wedding plans and balancing work and life in this week's New Idea, on sale now!

Ricki-Lee Coulter might spend her days and nights whirling around the dance floor with another man, but her thoughts are never far from her fiance Rich Harrison.

But although the pair has been engaged for two years, they just can’t find the time to say ‘I do’ – and there are no plans to walk down the aisle in the future.

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"The time has flown – it doesn’t even feel like that long," Ricki-Lee tells New Idea.

After spending most of their free time working on the singer’s new album Dance in the Rain, wedding preparation has taken a back seat - and she admits they might have to elope in secret to get it done!

Ricki-Lee says she’s ‘hit the jackpot’ with fiance Rich Harrison. Photo: Getty Images

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However despite the lack of a set date, the star has earmarked Europe as a destination, and has tried on Vera Wang wedding dresses in Sydney.

The couple met in 2009 when Ricki-Lee was overweight and disillusioned by the collapse of her first marriage to childhood sweetheart Jamie Babbington.

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Since then, she has shed 30kg and found a business partner and soulmate rolled into one.

"He’s amazing. I have hit the jackpot with him, I really have," the loved-up star beams.

"We have this idea in our heads, as women, of the perfect guy. Everything that I wanted in a partner... He’s everything and more."

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