“RHONY” Reunion Part 2 Gets Real as Ubah Questions Brynn's Ability to 'Love'

But when Ubah cried, admitting, "I'm just so tired of being nice and kind to people and nobody have my back," Brynn brought her guard down and hugged her 'Real Housewives of New York City' castmate

<p> Daniel Zuchnik/Variety via Getty, Bennett Raglin/Getty</p> Ubah Hassan and Brynn Whitfield

Daniel Zuchnik/Variety via Getty, Bennett Raglin/Getty

Ubah Hassan and Brynn Whitfield

Brynn Whitfield and Ubah Hassan came to blows as the Housewives attempted to address their many feuds on part 2 of The Real Housewives of New York City reunion.

Before delving into Ubah’s drama with Erin Dana Lichy during the cast trip to Anguilla, host Andy Cohen asked which of the housewives believed the supermodel, 40, was “overreacting” to the phone-stealing joke played on her by the real estate professional, 36.

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As Brynn and Jenna Lyons raised their hands, Ubah explained why the prank gone wrong had triggered such a reaction.

“My job — we travel a lot,” she said. “And most of the time in the places where there's no phone service and my family is [in] a different timezone. So they got tired of worrying about me. And they said, ‘Do us a favor, travel around the world, do whatever you want to do. In the morning, participate in a group chat. In the evening, participate in group chat.’ So they know.”

“Also, I have a business,” she added.

<p>Daniel Zuchnik/Variety/Getty</p> Ubah Hassan

Daniel Zuchnik/Variety/Getty

Ubah Hassan

On episode 11 of the Bravo show's 14th season, Ubah and Erin went head to head when Erin decided to hide Ubah's phone as a form of payback after Ubah playfully pushed Erin into the pool.

The Ubah Hot founder was not amused and grew frustrated when she learned her phone had been hidden on purpose, with the failed attempt at humor escalating to a multi-day conflict.

The next day, Erin misheard a conversation where Ubah mentioned her name and grew furious. Reacting to the perceived hostility, Ubah grabbed the sunglasses off Erin's face and stated that she wouldn’t return them for “45 minutes.” Throughout the episode, things grew even more tense as Erin left both lunch and dinner early, and eventually broke down into tears, claiming she was “scared to be friends” with her.

<p>Michael Loccisano/Getty; Craig Barritt/Getty</p> Ubah Hassan and Erin Dana Lichy

Michael Loccisano/Getty; Craig Barritt/Getty

Ubah Hassan and Erin Dana Lichy

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Jenna noted that “none of us knew” of the deal she had struck with her family members for her safety. And while her anger made “total sense,” the former J.Crew director admitted that she felt her reaction had felt “really over the top” without the “context.”

“Jenna, I just want to make [it] very clear to you. I did not react, ask her,” Ubah replied, gesturing to Jessel Taank, her bunk buddy during the trip. “I cried in the room with her. I said ‘How can she do that?’ .... Then I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning.”

Jessel added, “And she said to me, ‘Let me calm down and I will talk to her in like the afternoon.’”

“I give you the grace of not saying anything all morning. I miss breakfast and now you tell me not to mention your name? I just want to bury you,” Ubah continued, addressing Erin.

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The model said that she felt “gaslit” after Erin told her that she had texted Jessel that she had taken her phone though they couldn’t find the message after combing through their exchanges.

Erin shared that she had texted the group chat and alluded to her phone's whereabouts by sending a devil emoji and a thinking emoji and acknowledged that some people might not understand the “semantics” of her message.

“I felt like you're gaslighting me and you're trying to throw Jessel under the bus,” Ubah admitted.

As the pair began to apologize for their respective parts in their feud, Brynn interrupted the conversation and claimed, “I feel like I’m in crazy town right now, like for f---'s sake. Also it’s just called ‘Find my iPhone?’ It’s called share location.”

<p>Michael Loccisano/Getty</p> Brynn Whitfield

Michael Loccisano/Getty

Brynn Whitfield

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Ubah was instantly riled up by Brynn's flip comments. As her voice began to rise, Brynn said, “You don’t want to go there with me, I’m the only one here who’s not afraid of you.”

Brynn claimed that she shares her location with her brother as another single girl who travels, while Ubah noted, “You might be dead and your phone is on.”

Andy attempted to move the conversation along and brought up how Jenna told cameras that she had gotten a taste of Ubah’s “hot” temper after she invited her to her home without letting her know that there would be cameras.

Ubah took issue with Jenna’s confessional, countering that she wasn't angry — she was being assertive. Brynn interrupted Ubah again and said that she wasn’t being “assertive.”

“Maybe you don't know how to be loved or how to stand up for yourself,” she fired back, which prompted Brynn to say, “Watch your mouth,” and claim she wasn’t “afraid” of confronting her.

“You put people in the hospital? I put people in the funeral home,” she continued, adding that she was “half Black and half Irish.”

“I f---ing bury them, don’t speak up for me. Half Irish? I’m Somali,” Ubah retorted.

<p>Cindy Ord/Getty; John Nacion/Getty</p> Brynn Whitfield and Ubah Hassan

Cindy Ord/Getty; John Nacion/Getty

Brynn Whitfield and Ubah Hassan

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The businesswoman also confronted Jenna for claiming she was “Team Erin” during their fight in Anguilla and confessed her feelings were hurt when nobody rushed to her defense.

“You know I wanted to cry when I was fighting with her?” Ubah said, before bursting into tears. “Because she's the closest one in this group with me. You know, I knew that I'm going to lose her and none of you guys stood up for me. None of you, and I stood up [for] each and every one of you.”

“I'm just so tired of being nice and kind to people and nobody have my back,” she cried, as Brynn handed her a tissue and a hug Erin moved across the stage to comfort her.

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