The $25 cult buy discontinued four years ago is back

Sarah Carty
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Beauty fans everywhere rejoice, because Revlon has just announced they’re bringing back their cult buy highlighter, four years after it was discontinued. 

For the past two years, fans online and makeup artists have been calling for the beauty giant to reinstate the classic highlighter into their collection - and now their wishes have been granted. 

Revlon are bringing back their cult highlighter, which was discounted two years ago. Photo: Getty Images

“I got this off ebay because it's discontinued. I really think they should reconsider because most people I know who have used this line love it,” one person wrote online. 

“I really wish it wasn't discontinued......I used to use it when my pores were invisible along with concealer, and it made my skin look allowed me to not wear foundation, gave me a beautiful glow, made my skin tone look a lot better,” another person said. 

The new SkinLights collection features not only the original Face Glow liquid illuminator but also a glow-boosting powder, called Prismatic Highlighter. 

the original Face Glow liquid illuminator comes in two shades. Photo: Suppled

The $25 cult liquid highlighter promises to give you glowy skin without the glitter  and provide a smooth, reflective finish. 

It can also be used on its own or with foundation and comes in two shades. 

The powder highlighter on the other hands gives off a satin finish to the skin, is buildab;le and also comes in two shades. 

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