Residents shocked after being warned of neighbours' 'low income' status

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Residents of a friendly neighbourhood have been left shocked after finding a note warning them to ‘be aware’ that a person of ‘low income’ may be moving into the street.

The letter, signed off by a ‘concerned neighbour’ had been distributed in the letterboxes of fellow residents of Brian Cowley Place in Tuakau, New Zealand, to inform them that Housing New Zealand had purchased a property on their street, according to

“Please be aware whoever is moving into that house will be low-income earners or WINZ clients!!” The letter warned.

Residents of Brian Cowley Place in Tuakau, New Zealand have been shocked to find this letter warning of new neighbours ‘low income’. Source:

It then went on to suggest people “keep close eyes on anything you see happening that seems suspicious” and insisted they should “bring back neighbourhood watch meetings.”

Fellow neighbours revealed to that they were appalled by the ‘discriminatory’ tone of the note and thought it was ‘ridiculous’

“It’s out of place, most people here are very accepting, we’ve got all sorts of people you know,” resident Mary Astle said. 

Property manager Tracey Kellett was just as stunned, saying that clients of Housing New Zealand had always typically been excellent tenants in her experience. 

“Of 200 tenants I’ve put in properties in the last two years, I’ve had problems with three and none of those three have been from Housing New Zealand,” Tracey said.

According to Tracey, many clients are families who simply need that extra help to get the house they need, however in her words, they are hard working and “prove that they pay rent on time”.

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