Republicans on Biden ‘impeachment’ panel refuse to say they believe laws should apply to Trump

During the first hearing in the impeachment hearing against President Joe Biden, a Democrat on the House Oversight panel asked whether Republicans on the panel would hold the president’s son — whose business dealings are at the heart of the inquiry — and former President Donald Trump to the same standard.

Texas Democratic Rep Greg Casar asked the committee: “Will members of the Oversight Committee please raise your hand if you believe both Hunter and Trump should be held accountable for any of the indictments if convicted of a jury of their peers?”

Only the Democrats could be seen raising their hands. Some even laughed at the question, to which Mr Casar said, “No it’s serious. This is a serious matter.”

“If y’all need to think about it, we can take a moment and think about it,” he added, before repeating the question. Still, Republicans kept their hands down.

The Texas Democrat then added, “Raise your hand if you think that equal justice under the law applies and if Trump should be held accountable.”

Someone said something inaudible before Mr Casar added, “I think it is worse than embarrassing that Republicans won’t raise their hands. They refuse to say that equal justice under the law should apply to anyone.”

“Then what about the January 6 defendants?” Marjorie Taylor Greene can be heard asking.

But Mr Casar ignored her and pressed on, saying, “This impeachment hearing clearly is not about justice. We cannot say equal justice under the law for everyone — except for the guy who holds the leash.”