Who was Renate Krößner? Google Doodle celebrates German actress

Renate Krößner’s Doodle is also being shown in Germany  (Google)
Renate Krößner’s Doodle is also being shown in Germany (Google)

Renate Krößner is the face of the Google Doodle on Wednesday on what would have been her 78th birthday.

The search engine often honours departed greats and recently marked the lives of Zofia Nasierowska and Kitty O’Neil.

Frau Krößner’s Doodle will be shown in Britain as well as her native Germany on May 17.

Who was Renate Krößner?

Krößner was an actress who came to prominence in 1980 film Solo Sunny, in which she played the titular singer. The film was successful enough to gain attention beyond East Germany, where it was initially released, and has gone down as one of the best German films of the era.

Google wrote: “Happy birthday Renate Krößner, your iconic performances are immortalised on the silver screen, and are just as captivating today.”

Born in Osterode in 1945, she grew up in Berlin and performed in school theatre productions – studying acting as she worked in East German theatres.

With Solo Sunny she got her big break as a band’s singer who longs to be a solo artist and for the role she earned the Berlin International Film Festival’s Silver Bear for Best Actress.

She became something of a style icon back home for her attitude as well as her fashion sense.

She received permission to leave her homeland, which was a satellite state of the USSR, in 1985 and moved to West Berlin where she took roles in television shows such as Stubbe – Von Fall zu Fall and Einmal Bulle.

She also won a Golden Lion award for her turn in Bruder Esel while other film credits include the thriller Unbesiegbar and the comedy Alles auf Zucker.

The industry’s respect for her led her to being a judge on the 41st Berlin International Film Festival while she also won the Deutscher Filmpreis Best Actress award.

In the 2000s she continued working on productions and died after a short illness in 2020 aged 75.