Reese's Teases Cookie-Inspired Big Cup Hitting Shelves for the Holidays

Fans of Reese's candy can't wait until later this year when the company will reportedly release a tasty new treat in the form of the Reese's Sugar Cookie Big Cup.

The news was teased by Snackgator on Instagram, who shared a photo of the product with the caption, "☃️ NEW Sugar Cookie Big Cup Reese’s will be hitting shelves later this year for the holiday season! Stuffed with sugar cookie bits…yes please!! Are you excited?!"

Reese's surprising new candy will be modeled after the already-existing Reese's Big Cup, with sugar cookie bites mixed into the classic peanut butter center.

Plenty of people already excited about the new candy, with passionate responses like, "Help my Reese’s yes 🔥," "Yay!" and "Woahh 😮 sugar city here we come ! 🤩."

The product is already listed on Walmart's website, although there are none available to purchase yet, and Reese's has not shared a release date nor officially confirmed the news. Various candy distributors also have the Sugar Cookie Big Cup listed for the holiday season on their websites.

Another snack influencer, Snack Betch, also shared the news on Facebook, noting the treat is speculated to be released in the fall.

Many shared how much they wanted to check out the candy, such as a fan who commented, "Oh YES!!! 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😋😋😋 I’ve got to try this!!!"

"I’m anxiously waiting for a peanut butter lovers big cup release! 🥜🥜🥜😋," said another.

For fans of the Big Cup who can't wait until fall to get their hands on a new Reese's treat, the company recently released the new Jumbo Cup, which is two times the size of a Big Cup. Of course, there will also be special Peanut Butter Cups for Halloween and other new releases to come.

Hopefully, this will hold fans over until the Reese's Sugar Cookie Big Cup finally hits shelves later this year.

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