Ree Drummond Shares All the Things She’s Doing (and Buying!) Since Learning That She’s Going to Be a Grandma

The 'Pioneer Woman' star announced that her daughter Alex and her husband Mauricio Scott are expecting their first child

<p>Christopher Smith/Invision/AP; Alex Drummond Scott/Instagram</p> Ree Drummond, Mauricio Scott and Alex Drummond

Christopher Smith/Invision/AP; Alex Drummond Scott/Instagram

Ree Drummond, Mauricio Scott and Alex Drummond

Ree Drummond was made for the role of doting grandmother!

On June 23, the Pioneer Woman star announced that her eldest daughter Alex, 26, and her husband Mauricio Scott are expecting their first child, making Ree a first-time grandmother. Following the exciting news, Ree shared a blog post on her Pioneer Woman site, detailing everything she’s looking forward to when it comes to being a grandma.

“Oh my gosh. Alex is pregnant! My first baby is having her first baby. My child is going to have a child. It's surreal, and I'm sure all of you grandparents can relate,” she wrote.

Ree also said she and “Ladd are so happy!!” to become first-time grandparents.

The cookbook author mentioned that there is a lot to prepare in the coming months (Alex's due date is around New Year’s Day) but she already has the spoiling part down. “I will likely buy the baby lots of clothes and probably a play kitchen before it's born,” she said.

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Alex Drummond Instagram Ree and Alex Drummond
Alex Drummond Instagram Ree and Alex Drummond

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Ree — who’s also mom to Paige, 24, Bryce, 21, Jamar, 21 and Todd, 20 — joked that she’s too young to assume the grandmother role, but will train regardless to keep up with the task. “How can I be a grandmother at 31?” she quipped, “I'm getting started back with Pilates so I can be a limber, stretchy, and strong granny.”

While her announcement was chock-full of cheeky one-liners, Ree is serious when it comes to supporting Alex and her baby-to-be.

“In the weeks since they told us the news, most of my thoughts have been with Alex, interestingly. I just keep marveling at the feeling. My daughter is having a baby,” Ree wrote.

“We have no idea what being grandparents will look like or how much it will change our lives,” she added. “Right now I'm just savoring the news and savoring each day because I can't believe how fast time is moving.”

When first revealing the news to her followers, the Food Network star shared a photo of herself and a picture of the parents-to-be on her Instagram to workshop what her grandma name will be.

“Granny. Granny Ree Ree? Maybe just Ree Ree. We’ll wait and see! (Swipe if you missed the news…😊❤️ So happy.)” she captioned the post.

But Alex was first to share her pregnancy on her own Instagram in a joint post with her husband. “We can’t wait to meet you, little one. 🤍 Baby Scott joining the party this winter!” Alex wrote. “Thank you Lord for this precious gift 😇.”

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