Twitter gaffe sees university share NSFW message

Gillian Wolski
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A university in the US has suffered a cringe-worthy PR blunder after unintentionally tweeting a NSFW message to its 55k followers, many of them students.

George Washington University, a private tertiary institution in America’s capital, Washington D.C., shared a seemingly innocent looping video that featured the uni’s initials, GW, between two parallel lines of white powder.

“There’s snow place like GW,” read the caption, suggesting that the powder is intended to represent the icy weather our northern neighbours experience during Christmas.

A US university's festive tweet has left the internet cringing. Photo: Twitter/GWtweets via Reddit.

But to one keen-eyed Twitter user, the ‘snow’ looked suspiciously like another, more illicit type of white powder.

“There’s snowthing like white lines” they titled a screenshot of the tweet in a Reddit thread on Saturday, prompting several others to crack some r-rated jokes in the comments.

“Gonna hurt your neck, snorting those lines in the middle,” quipped one Redditor.

“That’s how you stay up to study longer,” said another.

Others had some suggestions on how the uni could’ve avoided the gaffe in the first instance.

“At least make the background like a road or something,” they advised.

“That doesn't even look like snow. That is, at best, a disgusting amount of salt,” commented another.

One Redditor was curious to find out if GWU were aware of their error.

“Are you going to tell them or should I?” they asked, however, it appears someone has informed the uni as the offending tweet has since been removed from the account.

The ‘snow’ tweet seems to be one in a string of stylistically similar posts featuring baking, study and travel themes.

The uni encouraged its students during their exams, saying, "You can dough it!". Photo: Twitter/GWtweets.

It’s not the first time a company has come a cropper this Christmastime, with Walmart Canada forced to apologise after selling a festive jumper depicting a bug-eyed Santa next to what appear to be lines of cocaine.

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