Red Wine Hollandaise Is The Perfect Way To Shake Up Eggs Benedict

Red wine eggs Benedict
Red wine eggs Benedict - @donnelenglish / Instagram

If you're a fan of eggs Benedict, you're probably already familiar with the tangy, rich Hollandaise sauce that tops them. Hollandaise sauce is made by emulsifying melted butter and egg yolks and typically includes lemon juice (or sometimes white wine or white wine vinegar) to give it a bit of a zing. The result is a delicious, rich, thick yellow sauce perfect for pairing with meat or topping poached eggs.

As yummy as classic Hollandaise sauce is, why stick to the regular recipe? Instead, give your eggs a unique look and taste by making a red wine variety of this condiment. Red wine Hollandaise sauce has a distinctive red color but retains its decadent feel and rich, buttery flavor. Plus, it features different tasting notes thanks to the addition of red wine.

Before using this delicious sauce, there are a couple of things to consider when you approach making it. That way, you can make a great-tasting sauce -- and pair it with the perfect meals.

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What To Know Before Making Red Wine Hollandaise Sauce

Person making Hollandaise sauce
Person making Hollandaise sauce - RESTOCK images/Shutterstock

When making this spin on classic Hollandaise sauce, one of the first things to consider is what wine you want to use. Cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, or merlot can all be good choices. Alternatively, you could use a combination of wines or add in a bit of port. It's important to note that if you choose a heavier wine, you may need to add a bit of sugar to help equalize the acidic flavor of the drink.

Another thing to know when infusing Hollandaise sauce with red wine is that you shouldn't add the wine straight into your sauce. Instead, you need to reduce the wine first. You can also add some herbs to the wine as it simmers to help infuse even more flavor.

Finally, the last thing to consider is what to pair with your sauce. While you can pour it over a classic eggs Benedict, red wine-infused Hollandaise also pairs well with steak. Feel free to experiment based on what other flavors pair well with red wine, such as earthy veggies like mushrooms or other red meats like lamb. Get creative and use your sauce with numerous dishes to see what you like best!

Other Hollandaise Sauce Variations To Try

Eggs Benedict with asparagus
Eggs Benedict with asparagus - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Red wine isn't the only way to add a spin to this classic sauce. For example, add mayonnaise to Hollandaise to help prevent your emulsion from breaking. This ingredient may also help your sauce retain its eggy flavor.

To amp up the citrus notes, try using the zest and juice of blood oranges in your Hollandaise as a swap for the typical lemons. Of course, blood oranges can be somewhat sweet, so if you need to put the tang back in your sauce, you can still pour in a dash of lemon juice.

Another way to step up your Hollandaise is by adding a bit of Dijon mustard. Use a homemade variety or pick up a store-bought one to toss into the mix. Either way, the result will be a spicier sauce with more pronounced, mustard-forward tasting notes. So, whether you use red wine, blood orange, or Dijon mustard, we encourage you to get creative next time you make Hollandaise by adding something new for a unique-tasting sauce.

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