Red Wiggle on how marriage split has affected the group

Eliza Velk
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The future of the Wiggles has been a cause for concern following the shock split between co-stars Emma Watkins and Lachlan Gillespie after their two years of marriage.

Despite the pair insisting they remain friends and while still performing shows together as the yellow and purple Wiggles, rumours have circulated suggesting there is tension on stage between them. 

Red Wiggle, Simon Pryce claims the group dynamic hasn’t changed following Emma (yellow) and Lachlan’s (purple) split. Source: Getty Images

However, according to red Wiggle Simon Pryce, that isn’t the case at all. 

Rather Simon – who has been in the group since 2013 – believes nothing has changed within the group’s dynamic as Emma and Lachlan have been ‘unbelievably professional’ in keeping their private matters separate. 

“They’re unbelievably professional, so on the outside, you wouldn’t know that they’re going through any issues at all,” he explained to The Daily Telegraph. 

“They’re dealing with it really well,” Simon, 43, added. 

Fans were shocked when Emma Watkins and Lachlan Gillespie announced that they had decided to end their marriage. Photo: Getty Images

The soon-to-be-divorced couple’s strong front may be due to the fact their split had been a long time coming.

Following the announcement, the pair revealed they had already been living apart over the past six months as they trialled separation, during which time they managed to still perform hundreds of shows together with no drama. 

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, it was a “weird time” for the couple but ultimately the decided they were better off as friends, with Emma admitting she “fell out of love a little bit” 

“We are not really cranky at each other, we just realised that our situation had changed,” she said, “probably more from me, than from him.”

 So while fans may still be coming to terms with Emma and Lachlan’s new relationship status, they can hopefully find comfort in the fact the Wiggles as a group remain intact.

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