Do you recognise Love Island's new intruder?

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Australia’s Love Island kicked off with a bang over the weekend and the already steamy show is set to heat up even more with new intruders set to enter the scene.

Yet little did we know one of them is already famous overseas and he’s certainly no stranger to reality television dating.

John James Parton is described as the 32-year-old Melbourne based DJ, however, he is actually also known as a former UK Big Brother contestant and a popular one too.

He’s John James Parton, Melbourne DJ and former UK Big Brother star and he’s about to enter Love Island Australia. Source: REX

The fella made quite a name for himself during his time on the show after getting romantically involved with season winner Josie Gibson.

Josie and their relationship was such a hit with fans that it was even granted its own spin-off show: There’s Something About Josie.

Josie Gibson and John James Parton on UK Big Brother. Source: Channel 4

However – and as you probably guessed – things didn’t work out between the pair with things ending in a very public break-up that saw Josie accusing him of cheating despite his denial.

“Ex-girlfriends would say I was manipulative, they felt insecure and that they couldn’t trust me – even if I hadn’t done anything,” John has since said to NW adding, “I’ve never cheated.”

UK Big Brother stars Josie Gibson and John James formed a romantic relationship that later gained it’s own show. Source: Getty


So now on the hunt for his next onscreen romance John is coming to the Spain island with hopes of – in his words – “A best friend you want to bang!”

At least it’s nice to hear he’s not picky (kind of): “I’m pretty open… I’ve been with bigger girls, skinny girls, girls that look like they’re on heroin, girls that look like they’ve been to Hungry Jacks nine times a year – it doesn’t really matter,” he tells NW.

Honestly just hearing his history and these comments we already know John is going to cause quite the stir on the controversial show.

In saying that, it will be interesting to see if he can find a romance that will last.

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