Spotify Wrapped alternatives, from Receiptify to Icebergify

Spotify Wrapped's top songs. But there are alternatives out there (Spotify)
Spotify Wrapped's top songs. But there are alternatives out there (Spotify)

As 2023 nears an end, Spotify users are eagerly flocking to the platform to see a personalised breakdown of all the music they listened to this year — Spotify Wrapped.

The phenomenon has been around since 2015, originally with a feature called Year in Music. But it wasn’t until 2017 that it was formally launched on Spotify for millions of users.

This year, the feature includes many extra benefits available from November 29 for music lovers subscribed to the platform.

Spotify has also revealed this year’s biggest artists based on tracks played, with Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny among the most popular.

Spotify Wrapped isn’t the only cool feature of its kind around, with several alternatives on offer.

Here are the top ones:

Replay for Apple Music

If you don’t use Spotify, don’t worry. In 2019, Apple Music released the Replay feature, allowing users to show off their top tracks yearly.

The 2023 Replay was launched on November 28, giving users an extra day to explore the feature before Spotify announced its Wrapped comeback.

All you have to do to access the feature is to go to the website and log in with your Apple ID.

Receiptify for Spotify,, and Apple Music

Receiptify, created by Michelle Liu, is an app that scans your playlists and gives you a receipt-style graphic highlighting your top tunes.

Compatible with Spotify,, and Apple Music, this is billed as a great way to track your most popular music across multiple apps.

This can then be shared across social media platforms as a fun way to tell your friends what you’re listening to. The app was created in 2020 and it’s a great alternative way to get a better understanding of your favourite artists and albums.

How Bad Is Your Music Taste? for Spotify and Apple Music

In 2020, How Bad is Your Spotify, created by an AI bot trained by Matt Daniels and Mike Lacher for the digital publication The Pudding, was launched.

The platform went viral for ruthlessly judging people for their music taste. The bot is called How Bad Is Your Streaming Taste and it’s quickly become fodder for memes.

Icebergify for Spotify

Akshay Raj created Icebergify for Spotify to analyse users’ listening trends, not just the music they listen to most often.

It creates a chart to show which music users listen to consistently. The charts are also arranged by popularity and obscurity, allowing users to show off their “niche” tastes.

Instafest for Spotify

One of the more recent alternatives to Spotify Wrapped is Instafest. This switches your playlist into a banger festival line-up that looks like Glastonbury or Coachella.

To use it, sign in to Spotify via the app.

Obscurify for Spotify

Obscurify also looks at your Spotify data and analyses it compared with other users'. It then tells you how obscure your music taste is.

You’ll be ranked against others based on the assessment made of your music collection. The platform’s goal is apparently to help people understand how unique their music tastes are.

N-Gen for Spotify

N-Gen is a new platform that creates impressive visuals that help you visualise your music tastes. One of its latest features also includes a ‘persona’ graphic. This assesses your musical taste and gives you a persona based on that — much like one of the new features released by Spotify Wrapped this year.