Rebecca Gibney, 57, slams filters with stunning makeup-free selfie

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Rebecca Gibney has become one in a long list of celebrities to slam unrealistic social media expectations, sharing a stunning makeup-free selfie to blast the use of filters.

The 57-year-old Packed To The Rafters actress took to her account to remind her followers that “most of the stuff posted on here is filtered and photoshopped”

Rebecca Gibney photo
Rebecca Gibney has posted a filtered and unfiltered photo. Photo: Instagram/Rebecca Gibney

The iconic Australian star shared a carousel, with the first image showing her natural beauty while the next picture showed the same image altered with filters.

“While this is a pic of my face post facial and yes I’m facing the light and I have had my lashes and brows tinted, it’s still me in the raw so to speak,” Rebecca wrote.

“Let’s keep embracing the real. ( ps this is not a post to stop people doing whatever they like to their faces and bodies - whether you want to lose weight, gain it, have your eyes done, Botox, facelift - whatever. It’s your choice)

“But remember we are ALL going to get old and eventually leave this earthly place so shouldn’t we be spending our time doing things that bring joy and happiness.”


Rebecca Gibney in a white shirt
'Let’s keep embracing the real', Rebecca said. Photo: Getty Images

Rebecca then shared a few words of wisdom for her followers, saying her mum used to say: “Lower your expectations and raise your appreciation”.

“It’s amazing what can come from that. Manifest your dreams and live every moment for those among us who aren’t afforded that freedom,” she continued.

“You get one life ( well some think you get more than that) but just in case - live it! And let’s stop judging everyone else for their choices.”

The actress then weighed in on Australia’s social climate over the past two years, saying: “This whole vax or not vax shite is driving people apart. You do you and let others do themselves. It’s called freedom to choose. Let’s stop with the hatred. And love love and more love. Ok, end of rant. Happy hump day lovers.”

Rebecca recently appeared on Celebrity MasterChef, where she showed off her cooking skills in front of the judges.

Rebecca Gibney in a black dress on the red carpet
Rebecca recently appeared on Celebrity MasterChef,. Photo: Getty Images

She told Yahoo Lifestyle there was one person in particular who urged her to do the show.

“My son would have disowned me if I said no,” she admits. “I actually had said no, and when I told my son, Zac, he was like, ‘Are you insane? I watch all of those shows, I can’t believe you said no!’.

“I replied, ‘Dude, I don't cook. I’m not a MasterChef. I'm not a whiz in the kitchen’ and he goes, ‘Yeah but you can learn’.

“I was worried I’d make a complete fool of myself and he said, ‘Yeah, but you're a good person and people will see that. People will get to see the side of you that they don't know and that's a good thing’, so that was nice.”

The star admitted it was one of the hardest things she’s ever done, saying: “But also one of the most rewarding because I did things that I never thought I was capable of doing.”

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