Flight attendants reveal why they're ignoring you

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

While they may be welcoming and friendly when you first board the plane, if you’ve ever found yourself completely ignored by flight attendants while in the air, there may be a reason why.

According to two cabin crew members, certain complaints and passenger behaviour really rub them the wrong way and prompt the cold shoulder.

Touching flight attendants while they walk up and down the aisles is a pet peeve, they told PopSugar. If you want their attention, be courteous, press the attendant button and wait – or if you have to, call out, but don’t grab them.

Don’t complain about problems out of the flight attendants control. Source: Universal Studios

They also said they hate it when passengers constantly ask or complain about things out of their control, such as bad weather or maintenance delays. 

These issues also impact the flight attendants, so every time someone complains about it to them, their patience levels are being seriously tested.

Another explanation is a completely logical one; you’re being ignored for safety reasons.

They may ignore you for their own safety during turbulence. Source: Paramount Pictures

People often call upon flight attendants during times of turbulence, however, passengers should keep in mind that every time the attendant leaves their seat to comfort you, it’s them that will likely end up with a turbulence-related injury. 

Another former flight attendant revealed the little tricks many use to ignore you. the top tricks they will do to ignore you.

He told KIIS FM , that if you ever hear the words, “I will be right back,” it often means they don’t actually want to deal with you and might just happen to ‘forget’.

Be courteous and don’t reach out and grab at them. Source: BBC Films

Revealing another trick of his own, the attendant said, “I used to put a can of Coke in a sick bag, put a rubber glove on and then walk through the cabin so it looked like I was holding vomit – no one asked me for a thing.”

Comes in handy when he wanted to get to the other side of the plane without being bombarded with requests.

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