What really happened between Bachelor's Romy and Tenille

Eliza Velk
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Last night’s episode of The Bachelor has been a hot topic of conversation after viewers were left absolutely outraged with the ‘disgusting’ bullying that caused a distressed contestant to run off in tears.

And it’s this season’s ‘villain’ Romy Poulier who copped the most backlash after viewers saw her taunting behaviour push fellow contestant Tenille Favios to breaking point in a segment that was truly hard to watch. 

‘Villain’ Romy didn’t back down last night’s episode of The Bachelor when she was confronting Tenille. Source: Ten
Tenille had enough of the taunts and walked out of the cocktail party in tears. Photo: Twitter/Channel 10

However according to Rhiannon – who was eliminated at the cocktail party that same night – Romy is not the only one to blame, and actually a few other contestants who weren’t shown were actually agreeing with Romy’s argument.

“A lot of the girls were actually a little bit rubbed up the wrong way by Tenille’s comments beforehand,” Rhiannon revealed in a candid chat with Be. 

“She [Tenielle] did say that it was a bit gross to be kissing a man on the first date after he had kissed all these other women… so we were all feeling it.

“A couple of other people were involved but it was cut so you only see the conversation between Romy and Tenille.”

And despite what we see on the show, Rhiannon admits the ‘evil trio’ made up of Romy, Cat and Alisha actually do have a nice side to them, saying, “They were always nice to me and lifting me up when I was feeling down.”

“Yes, what they said about some people isn’t great, but at the same time, they most likely said a lot of great things about people that you’re just not going to see,” she said, implying that the producers purposely cut it out.

Rhiannon has defended Romy and Cat saying they were nice people who were always good friends of hers. Source: Ten

For Rhiannon, knowing that there are all the missing pieces that haven’t made it to air, has been the hardest part about watching the show back – especially when it came down to watching her own single date with the ‘Honey Badger,’ Nick Cummins.

“Everyone only saw the awkward bits of it which is a little bit disappointing to watch because the date goes for so long, we had another segment completely in our date that wasn’t shown.”

“I felt as if I was portrayed to be an awkward person,” she said referring to that cringe-worthy moment she was brushed after asking Nick for a kiss.

However now it seems Rhiannon is ready to move on after revealing she has a secret new man in her life and is keen to see what becomes of their relationship.

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