Reality star Francesca Farago says a fan on Snapchat may have saved her unborn babies’ lives

Reality star Francesca Farago says a fan on Snapchat may have saved her unborn babies’ lives

Francesca Farago has revealed how a fan on Snapchat may have saved her unborn babies’ lives.

The reality TV star, who is currently fifteen weeks pregnant with twins via in vitro fertilization, opened up to snapchat-saved-her-babies-lives">E! News about the moment that led her to an unexpected diagnosis.

Farago, 31, had already been consulting with a team of fertility experts and six OB-GYNs when she received a message from a fan over Snapchat. At this point, the Too Hot To Handle star hadn’t expressed any specific concerns about her pregnancy on the app, but one woman reached out to offer a helpful suggestion anyway.

“Someone messaged me and said, ‘Hey, I lost my twins at 21 weeks. You should go get your cervix checked,’” Farago said. What did Farago do – immediately go to get her cervix checked.

“It opened up a whole world of anxiety and stress and doctor’s appointments and specialists,” she said. “But it also opened up, potentially, me being able to save the babies in the future, me avoiding a miscarriage.”

From all appointments, Farago now knows she has a short cervix. “There’s something wrong with my uterus and my cervix, and I would not have learned that if it wasn’t for Snapchat,” she admitted.

Heading into her second trimester, the fashion influencer plans to get a cervix cerclage. According to Cleveland Clinic, the procedure helps to keep the cervix closed during pregnancy to prevent premature birth for women with a weakened cervix.

“During this procedure, your healthcare provider will place one or several sutures (stitches) in the opening of your cervix to keep it safely closed,” the clinic states.

After the emotional rollercoaster of her months-long IVF journey, Farago wants to ensure her babies are healthy and safe throughout her pregnancy. The social media personality underwent multiple rounds of IVF before finally getting pregnant with twins. And while she’s over the moon about expecting not one, but two babies with her fiancé, Jesse Sullivan, she admitted she was constantly worried.

She told E!: “I hear every day, honestly, horror stories from other mothers of things that went wrong and it does put a lot of fear in me. And I’m already a fearful person in regards to the pregnancy, because of how hard it was to get to this point.”

“I thought getting out of the first trimester, I would feel like, ‘OK, we’re in the no-danger zone,’” Farago admitted. “But I’m not out of the danger zone until the babies are in my arms, and even then I have to keep them alive. So I feel like you’re not out of the danger zone until they’re, like, 18. But even then, you’re still worried. So for the rest of your life, you’re worried forever.”

Farago and Sullivan, who started dating in 2021, announced they were expecting in March 2024. The excited mother-to-be took to her Instagram page, sharing a heartwarming collage of photos with the caption: “We wanted to take this special day to celebrate this amazing milestone with all of you.”

“We’ve brought you with us through the loss, so we couldn’t wait to bring you along for the win,” she continued in the March 31 post. “I am still pretty newly pregnant and there’s so much more to come, but we are so excited to be growing our family with Arlo as the coolest older sibling! AHH IM PREGNANT!”

The happy couple will expand their family alongside Sullivan’s 15-year-old child, who he had with a former partner.