The real reason behind Lisa Wilkinson's lifestyle change

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Towards the end of last year, Lisa Wilkinson revealed that she had made a dramatic lifestyle change to better her health, and now, the journalist has disclosed a major reason why.

Heart disease remains the leading, underlying cause of death among Australians, and 58-year-old Lisa was shocked and ‘scared’ to discover that heart issues ran through her family.

Lisa Wilkinson has revealed that she feared for her own health when she realised when she realised she had major heart issues running through her family. Source: Getty

Her own mother Beryl, who sadly passed away in March, had a history of heart trouble, and struggled to keep high blood pressure under control.

“Mum was on a shocking amount of pills, blood pressure tablets and it wasn’t working for her,” Lisa said at a Nutra-life Health symposium in Melbourne last month.

During a fortuitous meeting on the Today show, Lisa met one of Australia’s leading cardiologists Dr Ross Walker, and discussed her mum’s health.

“She was incredibly stressed and then Ross said, ‘why don’t I come see her’ and he completely sorted her out,” she explained.

Her mother’s experience really made Lisa think seriously about her own long-term health, and she’s made some significant lifestyle changes since.

“Like anyone, I can feel the signs of ageing and I want to hold that off for as long as possible,” she said at the symposium.

“I want to live as long as possible. It’s not about how I look, it’s about how I feel when I get up every day.”

During a commercial break ten years ago, Lisa spoke with Dr Ross Walker (pictured), about her mother’s heart health and he promptly helped her. Source: Julie Kiriacoudis

Lisa has always been ‘proactive’ about her health, but really started stepping up her fitness regime in the past couple of years after her husband Peter FitzSimons, lost an incredible 40kgs.

I was always secretly thinking, ‘Well, at least I’m looking after myself better than my husband is!'” she told Yours magazine last year.

Lisa and husband Peter Fitzsimons stay healthy by exercising together. Source: Getty

“But we started going to the gym together, and he gave up sugar and alcohol, and [that was when] everything came right for him.

I’ve become more aware that if I don’t take care of myself, then time will wield its inevitable hand and good health may no longer be a given.”

Lisa has also started taking supplements from Nutra-Life who she is an ambassador for.

Lisa is the newest ambassador for Nutra-Life and it has helped change her lifestyle. Source: Instagram/lisa_wilkinson

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