The real reason Apollo won't follow Simone

If you are an investigative, Instagram stalking genius like we are, you probably discovered early on that Bachelor in Paradise alum, Apollo, doesn’t follow Simone Ormesher, his in-Paradise lady love, on social media.

While this would be an ‘all-signs’ point to the fact that they never lasted as a couple (well this is also true) it’s actually not the real reason Apollo didn’t follow the British blonde.

“The reason I didn’t follow her or any of the girls on the season,” Apollo exclusively told Be, “is because they have these crazy sleuth websites which gives spoilers. They look at; this person followed this person on this day, therefore these people are together and these people must have had a fight because they don’t follow each other.

Apollo and Simone Ormesher had a lot of fun during Bachelor in Paradise, however, their love didn’t translate into the real world. Source: Network Ten

“It’s as if they are the dude off the Mentalist following the crime and they will piece together all the spoilers and it will ruin the series for everyone in the country.”

Apollo, who truly is the nicest human alive, wanted the public to see how everything panned out during the show.

Apollo is an all-round-nice guy and stuck to the rules of the show so that the general public could re-live the experience on the show. Source: Network Ten

“We were advised not to follow certain people and post certain things because you’ve got to keep it a surprise, it’s entertainment after all and we don’t want to ruin it for you, we want to keep everything exciting!”

Hmmm… but does Simone know this? Umm, not so much. In fact, Simone revealed in an exclusive chat with Be that she thought it was ‘weird’ they didn’t follow each other.

Don’t be fooled by his Zeus-like physique, Apollo is a big teddy bear! Source: Instagram/apollojackson

“I tried to follow him but I never got a follow back so I awkwardly unfollowed him again,” she said. “We still speak to each other everyday on the phone and it’s just really odd that we don’t have that social connection.”

Oops, we think we may have just opened some social media floodgates and Sim, if you get a follow back today, you can thank us!

In his last night in Paradise, Apollo showed off his fire twirling skills. Source: Network Ten

Case closed!

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