Real-life Barbie: 'I love the artificial look'

Paris Herms, known as the ‘Real Barbie of Berlin’, has gone under the knife to increase her cup size to an eye-popping 80L – weighing in at an enormous 2kg each.

“I felt super happy and was totally satisfied that it’s behind me and I’ve finally achieved what I wanted,” she told Barcroft TV.

“I like big breasts because they represent femininity, which I find great.

“I feel really happy with my body, just the way it is right now – the opposite of how I felt in the past.”

Paris’ cup size to an eye-popping 80L. Photo: Barcroft TV

While the 27-year-old Instagram star loved Barbies from playing with the dolls as a little girl, her cosmetic transformation began after she was bullied at school for being ‘ugly’.

“I used to be bullied a lot. I like to look like a doll because I would like to look faultless,” she said.

But while she has gained thousands of fans online, her ‘plastic’ look has also attracted her critics.

“Other people’s opinions on my looks vary,” she said. “Some find my appearance good, some don’t – which is of course understandable, because everybody has a different ideal when it comes to beauty.

“In spite of that, I have a lot of support. From my grandma, for instance, though she isn’t happy with my appearance.”

She had her first surgery at 18. Photo: Instagram/realbarbieofberlin

Paris’ grandma, Doris Lemke, with whom she lives in Berlin, cared for her granddaughter at home while she recovered from her most recent boob job – and many surgeries prior to it.

After Paris was bullied and left feeling deeply insecure, Doris agreed to pay for her first breast implants when she was just 18.

Since her first breast op, Paris has had a nose job, procedures and fillers to change the shape of her face, and her second and third breast ops – forking out more than $60,000 to achieve her doll-like appearance.

Paris currently has over 200,000 Instagram followers, and frequently posts lingerie-clad snaps from photoshoots, often garnering thousands of likes on the social networking site.

She’s since spent over $60k on surgeries and procedures. Photo: Instagram/realbarbieofberlin

As with many social media models, Paris said she receives some unsavoury requests from fans.

“I get numerous offers from men to meet me in exchange for money, sometimes very high amounts, but I reject them. I wouldn’t do such things,” she said.

While Paris says she will never say never to more surgery, she’s very content with her appearance for the time being.

“I’m really happy that my dream came true and everything is going the way it is for me right now.

“I simply love to look completely artificial. My motto is ‘plastic is fantastic’.”

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