Can you spot what's wrong with this bizarre real estate listing?

Katherine Chatfield
·2-min read

At first glance this rental listing looks like it could be a great place to live. There are views over the local park, with trees and a cute playground. 

The kitchen is sleek and modern, with sunlight streaming in the window. The bedroom is small, but has new wooden floors and looks freshly painted. The bathroom is beautifully tiled, has a modern sink, lights above the mirror for perfect makeup application, and a neat shelf for products. There’s even the unicorn of city apartment living – a large bath.

apartment with bathroom in kitchen
This apartment brings a new meaning to open plan living. Photo: Instagram/

But, like most real estate that looks too good to be true, it definitely is. Once you zoom out from the schmick bathroom tiles and impressive ceramic tub, there’s something rather odd about the place.

The front door opens straight into the bathroom. Yep, that’s right. As soon as you turn your key in the lock and open the front door, you’ll get a no holds barred view of the bath and toilet.


The bath is so close to the front door, you’d be hard pushed to have space to take your shoes off as you walk in the door, let alone hang your coat or bag somewhere that didn’t involve them being drenched. And if a full-frontal view of a toilet is your idea of a welcoming entrance, then you’ve got it.

In fact, there are no doors around the bathroom at all, meaning the bath actually extends into part of the kitchen. 

The toilet peeps out from one side of a wall, so you can see it while you’re standing at the hob. How convenient.

The apartment, which is in the town of Těšínská in the Czech Republic, is just 36m2, and is for sale for $141,000AUD. 

Bearing in mind you couldn’t buy a shed in Sydney or Melbourne for that price, perhaps it’s worth considering after all.

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