The reaction we didn't see after Jess' shock MAFS decision

Bianca Soldani
Lifestyle Editor Australia
Photo: Nine

Just about everyone at last night’s Married at First Sight commitment ceremony was shocked and appalled by Jessika’s decision to ‘stay’ with hubby Mick – and none more so than the man himself.

While we heard a clamour of dissent from the other couples watching on, what we didn’t see was the aftermath of the decision for farmer Mick.

After he and Jess returned to their seats, a shell-shocked Mick refused to say another word to his bride and spent the night in his separate apartment.

“We didn’t talk at all after she made that decision,” he told 9Honey. “At that stage I was in a separate room as per my request to get away from old mate. From the dinner party onward, I tried to avoid her like the plague.”

The farmer added that he fully expected Jess to say ‘leave’ at the commitment ceremony, because that’s what she told him when they left his homestay at the end of the week.

As they were at the airport bound for that fateful dinner party, Mick said he and Jess spoke about their future together, and she made it clear she had no intention of staying.

Of course, we all know what happened next, with Dan and Jess sneaking off to steal a kiss and make a pact to stay in the competition for one more week.

Both followed through on their agreement, but it wasn’t without quite a bit of backlash for Jess.

“F**k you love flogging a dead horse don’t ya,” was Mick’s immediate reaction, while Jules and Ning also spoke up to question the decision.

Meanwhile at home, many viewers directed their anger at the experts for making Mick stay.

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