Ray Meagher delights fans with wax figure as part of Logies campaign

Home and Away fans were seeing double on Wednesday when Ray Meagher and an identical wax figure turned up on the beach. Source: Merlin Entertainments

Video transcript


RAY MEAGHER: Good day. You know, Madam Tussauds have been very kind to me over the years. They made this bloke. Pretty good likeness, don't you reckon? [LAUGHS] And at the moment, they're campaigning for the Logies and "Home and Away" has been nominated for six of them. So let's hope that the show wins, that's what's really important . If you love our show, vote for any one of the six nominations. Good on you, and thank you, mate, for coming out in the cold. I know you feel the cold a bit in your old age. Good on you.



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