'So f****ed': Store slammed over 'disgusting' Valentine's joke

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
A nasty joke online has put a bitter twist on Valentine's Day. Photo: Getty Images

This article discusses rape.

A Valentine’s Day ‘joke’ is getting all the wrong kind of attention online after irate shoppers blasted it for ‘perpetuating rape culture’.

A photo shared to Reddit shows the offending sign which jokes about consent, restraint and possibly abduction in a triple-whammy direct from the darkest corners of the patriarchy.

A box of Avast Duct Tape is advertised with the following message.

“Valentine’s Day duct tape. R11.00exl. Turns any ‘no no no’ into an ‘mm...mmm...mmmm’.”

The offending sign jokes about sexual consent. Photo: Reddit

The photo was likely snapped in South Africa given the ‘Avast’ tape comes from a supplier which is based in Johannesburg, though the location it was taken is unconfirmed.

Yahoo Lifestyle contacted Avast for comment.

The price is also marked as ‘rand’, South African currency.

The sign was printed twice, the first on a plain A4 piece of paper, and the second on a larger sheet, inside a black heart.

The joke about sexual consent went down like a lead balloon with onlookers who slammed the post, with only a few bleating protests that the sign was ‘just a joke’.

Many threatened to complain to the store.

“Anyone know the store?? Imma file some complaints,” one person wrote.

“If I saw this display I would never go anywhere near that shop again,” another agreed.

Others were blown away by the joke, slamming it as totally inappropriate.

“This is not funny at all, this is HORRIFYING,” one person wrote.

“What the f*ck,” another wondered.

“Not acceptable,” another wrote.

Rape jokes and rape culture

Another explained the delicate relationship between these kinds of jokes that may seem on the nose, but otherwise harmless, and violent crime that breaks up communities and ruins live.

“Sh*t like this perpetuates rape culture and that it makes rape more likely to happen and makes victims less likely to come forward,” they wrote.

It may sound dramatic. but the experts tend to agree that jokes about assault and sexual violation normalise the behaviour and acceptance of rape.

In reassuring news, the joke has sparked an almost exclusively furious reaction online, with one person’s assessment of the situation a great reflection of the overall sentiment.

“I'm so disturbed that someone wrote this and thought it was funny...” they wrote.

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