Ranting bride's family relish reaction to her expletive-ridden post

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After a bride’s expletive-ridden rant at her guests for refusing to gift her $2,000 went viral this week, a family member has now said she is relishing people’s reactions to the outrageous post.

Having shared the original rant on Facebook she then posted an update saying she has “been sitting back watching the comments roll in while laughing my ass off”.

And while the reactions to the bride’s rant have not been kind, the family member says everyone is “100 % accurate in the judgement of Susan”.

Bride Susan was angry her guests wouldn’t pay for her wedding. Stock Image. Photo: Getty

“So first, yes this is a living breathing human being. I sadly share a small percentage of DNA with her,” the relative writes.

“Clearly she has entitlement issues, but I have never known her to be this obnoxious.”

She goes on to explain that the bride Susan had been raised on a farm and perhaps that is why she now craves a luxury life, and values “Kardashian-style materialism”.

The relative says Susan is constantly trying to compare herself to others and is “consumed with social media”.

“She’s the type to ask where you got your purse and then not so subtly dangle her $400 Coach bag in front of you.”

And it turns out her wedding wasn’t the first time she had exorbitant requests for gifts. Apparently at her baby shower Susan had put a $2-3k (USD) baby carriage on her gift registery.

“When I try to analyse her behaviour I believe deep down she’s very insecure about her status and how she stacks up to others,” the relative continues.

Photo: Facebook

In order to fund her dream day, the American bride Susan had asked for cash donations from her friends and family to the tune of US$1,500 (AU$2,000) – and threatened that her nearest and dearest would only be welcome at the wedding if they complied with this request.

But when many confessed they wouldn’t be able to fork out such a significant sum, she let loose in the expletive-ridden Facebook rant which went viral.

“I SPECIFICALLY, I mean SPECIFICALLY asked for cash gifts,” she said in the mini-novel that was later posted on Reddit. “How could we have OUR wedding that WE dreamt of without proper funding?”

“Do I matter to you?” she asked, “Just f***ing give me the money for my wedding. I won’t even sugarcoat. I won’t pretend that’s not what I wanted It was for a dream.”

Absolutely furious that she no longer had the funds to “be a Kardashian for the day”, the bride-to-be explained she had to cancel her dream wedding just four days before she was due to walk down the aisle.

She and the groom – with whom she shares a son – have also broken up.

“We’d sacrificed so much and only asked each guest for around $1,500,” she explained. “We sent out RSVPs and only 8 people replied and sent us the check. We were f***ing livid.”

The fuming bride went on to say she would be leaving for a two-month backpacking trip around South Africa, to be alone and rid herself of her “toxic friends”.

Her relative however doesn’t believe Susan will actually go to such lengths.

“On a final note, I understand everyone’s valid concern about her leaving her son…,” the update concludes.

“However, nobody believes she is actually going to South Africa. I mean WTF. This woman has never been outside of the US.

“We all think she is saying that to be dramatic.”

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