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This magnetic wristband keeps bits and bobs within reach — grab it for $14

What is it?

Simply put, the right tools make life a little easier, and Amazon is running an impressive sale on some of these must-have items, including this magnetic wristband that holds screws and washers. Since it means no more dropping nuts, bolts and nails, it makes the ideal companion for working on the car, fiddling under the sink or building furniture.

Picking up loose bits has never been easier.

$14 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

At just $14, the cost and convenience of this little gadget can't be overstated. If you work on anything that requires a lot of screws — or you're just tired of holding nails between your lips while you shimmy up a ladder — this wristband is worth having.

Why do I need this?

This bestselling tool is simply genius. The Rak Magnetic Wristband features 10 magnets embedded inside that can easily pick up and hold metal pieces like screws, nails, bolts, washers and drill bits. Just strap it on and go about your work, knowing you've got everything you need within easy reach. Happen to drop something? Just sweep your wrist over the floor — this wristband will pick it up.

This is a great buy for yourself, but it's also a phenomenal stocking stuffer. Any DIY weekend warrior would absolutely love to find this waiting for them.

A smart tool for an even smarter price. (Amazon)

"This thing is great," a five-star fan said. "I thought maybe it would turn out to be just a gimmicky thing that would just get in the way, but no. Working on a deck, installing railings — a ton of crap I would need to dig around in my hoodie pockets for — now all neatly stuck to my wrist. Awesome."

Another shopper wrote, "I just got this a month ago and it's already proven its worth. Not only does it make it easier to grab a small bundle of items like screws and washers to keep on hand (no pun intended) when working on bigger projects rather than having to constantly grab from a belt pouch, but it also makes it faster when you just need a couple of pieces for a quick project."

"The only downside for me is the material irritates my skin if I don’t wear it in just the right spot. Aside from that, I’m very happy with the product," said another customer.

Other Rak tool deals

This handy tool is ready to tackle any socket.

Save $4 with coupon
$10 at Amazon

You could lug around a bunch of different socket wrench heads until you find the one you need — or you could just pick up the Rak Universal Socket Tool. The adapter has 54 hardened-steel spring pins to help your tool conform to whatever size hex nuts, hooks or bolt heads you need to grip. It's specially designed to tackle most 1/4-inch to 3/4-inch bolts, nuts and screws, so it gives you a wide range of options.

"My husband and sons were all extremely excited about it and tried it out immediately," a satisfied reviewer said. "Evidently they had been looking at one similar that cost way more money than this one and didn't seem as strong.

This 8-in-1 tool makes a great stocking stuffer.

Save $8 with coupon
$17 at Amazon

This thing is like a Swiss Army knife if Swiss Army knives were in the shape of a pen with a ruler on the side ... that was also a screwdriver, bottle opener, level and LED tactical pen light. It's cool, OK? And since it comes in a pack of two, you're basically getting these for $9 each with this discount.

"These multi-tools are everything I could ask for. The tools basically all work as advertised and have come in quite handy. I find plenty of situations in my life [when] I really love having the flashlight in my pocket. The idea of holding my phone over a storm drain, for example, doesn't sound great. And the pen is a pen," one fan said.

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