Ragnarok final ever epsiode ending explained

ragnarok season 3 finale ending explained
Ragnarok finale ending explainedNetflix

Norwegian fantasy drama, Ragnarok, has come to an end after three seasons. The Netflix series is a modern twist on Norse mythology and follows half-brothers Magne (David Stakston) and Laurits (Jonas Strand Gravli), who also happen to be the incarnation of Thor, god of thunder, and Loki, god of mischief. Move over, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston!

In the final chapter of Ragnarok, it's gods versus giants in an epic battle that could change the fate of the world. So, who comes out on top and what happens to the town of Edda? Here is the series finale of Ragnarok explained.

Ragnarok series finale ending explained

After Magne decides to drop his hammer before battle and prevent the great war, Edda becomes a peaceful community again with giants and gods living alongside each other. In the final episode, Magnus passes his exams, Harry and Iman both return to their old lives, Fjor is dating his colleague and Saxa starts a new job to help the environment.

With Magne graduating, Laurits prepares to move out with Jens to start a new life together and Little O has presumably swum away and gone. At home, Magne goes through old belongings though to find his Thor comics and a toy Mjolnir, causing him to reminisce about old times.

At graduation, Magne apologises to Signy but she isn't ready to take him back yet, so he takes his seat alone. But, when he looks outside the window of the ceremony, he sees that a young boy that Harry is helping Hod, the child who took an arrow to the eye during the fight in the streets is playing with a bow and arrow. Then, Magne watches as the arrow misfires, goes through the window and pierces Jens. But, as everyone around him at the ceremony seems not to notice, we learn that it is all in Magne's head.

ragnarok season 3 finale ending explained

Magne is imagining what would have happened if Edda were to be consumed by the events of Ragnarok, and after multiple sequences of dramatic fights between the giants and gods, Magne is alone in the school auditorium after the ceremony. Signy shows up and says she wants to be with Magne, and as the prophecy told, he takes nine steps towards her then falls to his knees.

This signals him being able to move past Ragnarok and have a new beginning, to which Magne decides to throw away all of his old Thor comics and move forward with his life. In the final scene, he goes out and is greeted by Signy, who embraces him, and they sit around the table with Laurits, Jens and the rest of their friends and family. Edda is at peace, and the events of Ragnarok didn't take place anywhere besides Magne's mind.

ragnarok season 3 finale ending explained
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Ragnarok is streaming on Netflix now.

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