Rachel Zoe Reveals Her Style Secrets

It's 11:30pm in LA, but celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is full of energy. Beaming onto the small screen in Sydney via satellite link, you'd never guess the new mum, notorious for juggling a delicate work/life balance, is anything less than "totally excited" to help launch Westfield's StyleStream experience - a world-first online integration giving Australian shoppers the chance to see their personal style hit the virtual catwalk.

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It would be natural to assume that since giving birth to baby Skyler earlier this year, Zoe might have slowed her frenetic lifestyle down a notch. But it's not the case, the tiny star admits. She's just working smarter now.

"Don't get me wrong, things are still hectic," Zoe warns. "I don't have a lot of time for myself. But what I do now is try and combine everything. I take Skyler with me wherever I go. I'm literally never without him. He's always in my lap during meetings - he's like my koala bear. I have the best team in the world that makes it possible for me to do my job in addition to being a wife and mother."

One thing we learn about Zoe however, is that she won't sign on to a project unless it's something she really believes in. It's for exactly that reason she chose to become involved with Westfield's StyleStream, which launched online last night.

"I mean, not to be redundant, but this just seems like such an incredible thing," says Zoe. "I was blown away by the concept (shoppers-turned-stylists) and the fact that it's a world first. It's instantly gratifying and I think it will appeal to everyone's inner stylist."

Zoe, who's set to pick the winning look from over 800 finalists, is on the lookout for an outfit with true 'wow' factor.

"Something that says, "that's the one, I want to wear that and my clients would want to wear that," says Zoe. "But also something that doesn't look too forced. It has to be unique and a little outside the box."

Zoe predicts Westfield's StyleStream is just the beginning of the digital fashion revolution as retailers begin to gauge the "beauty of online", saying she believes the internet is a fantastic way to get instant, personalised feedback.

Pictured: Rachel with Skyler.

"I know personally as a designer that I listen closely to Twitter and Facebook for comments," explains Zoe, who debuted her Ready To Wear line in New York earlier this year to a receptive buying audience. Her 2012 collection is the result of carefully honed observation skills.

"As a stylist, I've been able to really pick up on things I don't like over the years, or my clients or friends don't like,” says Zoe. "Little details like see-through pockets on white pants, or that in-between length on a skirt that is less than flattering. I've taken all that feedback and tried to put it in my collection while also designing what I love and what I want to wear."

On that note however, Zoe relents that her style has changed slightly since having Skyler, admitting she now wears more black than ever. "Because as every new mother knows, (babies) tend to spit up on you and drool," she says dryly. "I don't wear things that are very sharp or have zippers. I used to wear 20 pieces of jewellery a day and I can't really do that anymore because it could hurt him! So I have to be a bit more careful now.”

Zoe relied heavily on online shopping while she was pregnant, referring to it as a "godsend". "I still regularly shop online online because I don't have a lot of time to go anywhere!" she says. "We get packages at my front door like every other day. Rodger (Zoe's husband) is always like, 'babe there's something at the door,' and I'm like, 'hmm I wonder what that could be?'"

Speaking of Rodger, what does he have to say about her extensive wardrobe, which is filled with everything from vintage Chanel to eight different Birkin bags?

"Oh let me tell you, my husband has words for it," Zoe says, grinning. "Just not the kind you'd want to hear."

Pictured: Rachel with husband Rodger.

Zoe counts Diane von Furstenberg, Briggite Bardot, Edie Sedgwick and Audrey Hepburn among her style muses, but it's Daphne Guinness' closet she would hit up if given the chance.

"I would love to get into that closet, I'm not going to lie," she laughs. "That would be a good one, I mean couture for days! And lots of McQueen which would just be amazing to stare at and you know...maybe try on," she finishes meekly. "It would be like swimming in a couture closet. And oh my god, the hats..." she trails off.

Zoe's eyes are starting to glaze over at the prospect of rummaging through the fashion icon's closet, but the tables are turned when she's asked who she would love to add to her already bulging celebrity client list.

"Johnny Depp!" Zoe lights up. "He's amazing. But there are so many incredible new actresses out there, like Elle Fanning and Lily Collins - girls that really seem to love fashion, and I want to work with people that also want to have fun with clothes. But right now I have my hands pretty full!"

There's no doubt that last sentence is true – and as Zoe signs off for the evening with the same gusto she greeted the room with, you can't help but admire her lust for fashion and above all, her energy for life.

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