Quora's Poe launches bot search, announces enterprise package

Quora's AI chatbot product Poe is still being updated at a rapid pace as the company announced new features over the past few days, including the ability to search for custom bots and a new enterprise tier for its premium plans.

In an email sent to customers over the weekend, Poe announced that it will soon launch an enterprise package for employees. The company didn't provide any further details but said that interested people can sign up for it through a waitlist. This offering sounds more like a group subscription package for corporates so employees can use Poe's premium tier. However, there is no information about customized chatbots for corporate clients.

Poe first launched subscriptions in March and has been offering early access to advanced models to paid users before rolling it out to the free tier users.

Last week, Poe extended its chatbot's availability in Japanese. Additionally, it launched a search functionality to look for custom bots. In April, Poe launched a feature to let users create their own custom bots using simple prompts. Now, the company has made it easy to discover these bots. Last month, Poe launched "temperature" control for custom bots, which lets your bot have more varied or more consistent responses.


Earlier this month, Poe launched a threading feature so you can have separate conversations with the same bot if you want to have different contexts. Last month, the company added bots powered by the Llama 2 model, which have been developed by Meta.

Quora made Poe for iOS public in February and launched the Android app in May. In July, the company launched a native Mac app for one-click access to chatbots.