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Quicken Simplifi subscriptions are half off right now

$24 gets you a full year of our top Mint alternative.


Quicken Simplifi, one of Engadget’s favorite budgeting apps, is on sale for half off right now. The user-friendly money management service is on sale for $2 per month, billed annually at $24.

The financial planning and tracking service is one of our top picks for replacing Mint. Its clean and simple interface recalls memories of its now-defunct competitor. Simplifi has a scrolling landing page with a detailed overview, including balances, net worth, spending, upcoming payments and other financial stats.

Get a full year of Engadget’s favorite money management app for 50 percent off.

$24 at Quicken

The service makes it easy to connect with your financial institution (optionally) for easier tracking. You can also invite a partner or financial advisor to co-manage the account.

It has a few limitations. Unlike some of its competitors, it doesn’t offer Zillow integration for home value tracking. (You can still do that manually.) In addition, it doesn’t offer free trials, and we ran into a few minor errors in miscategorizing expenses, although they were in line with the small flubs the competition also makes. It also doesn’t allow Apple or Google sign-ins, so you’ll have to create or log into a Quicken account to get started.

We already consider Simplifi’s standard $48 annual pricing to be a solid deal that aligns with market expectations. But for $24 for the whole year, you can try it for much less. Just remember to cancel before it renews if you aren’t enjoying it enough to renew for a second year at full price.

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