Queer Eye: The 5 things you're doing wrong

Anita Lyons
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Ever wanted a bestie who tells it like it really is? The Queer Eye ‘Fab 5’ will do just that.

Revealing their biggest bugbears to Be, the guys have a lot to say about what we’re doing wrong.

The fab five were in Australia to promote Season 2 of their hit show, Queer Eye. Source: Getty

Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness told us the biggest things we’re not doing quite right – and believe us, we’ve all done them.

We crowd the pan when cooking

According to kitchen guru Antoni, overcrowding the pan is a no-no.

“You don’t get to develop a crust,” Antoni said of putting too much in at once. “And you don’t get browning around brussel sprouts or sweet potato for example.”

“So space them out and lubricate them with some good olive oil and salt them, you have to season your food every step of the way.”

We don’t know our clothing size

Style extraordinaire Tan doesn’t understand how people (men in particular) don’t know which size is best for them.

“I wish they’d just realise that they’re not all an extra, extra large,” he said. “That’d be really nice.”

We don’t check in with ourselves

Karamo, the culture expert, believes that we struggle with not being self-aware.

“Every morning before you walk out the door, you should look in the mirror and say ‘What do you want to improve about yourself?” he said. “It’s also about acknowledging, “What do I like about me?”.

We follow trends rather than our own style 

Design expert, Bobby, says that we follow trends without adding personality to our homes.

“I think with home, you should follow what you love and things that make you happy,” he said. “Not what magazines tell you to buy.”

We do “the most” 

Jonathan says that people just do too much.

“Just doing the most with colour, doing the most with washing 17 times a day,” he said. “Not being happy with the way their hair looks but then like, not wanting to change anything.”

The Netflix stars were in Australia to promote their second season of the hit TV show, which hits the popular streaming service on June 15.

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