Queensland mum shares horror haircut

Allison Yee

We all know an amazing haircut can make you feel like a million dollars, while suffering through a nightmare one can make you want to hide in a hole and wish you could turn back time.

For mum Danni Draper, it was definitely the latter after she visited a Queensland salon and was left nearly in tears after a botched cut.

Taking to Facebook with photos of her uneven hair, the 26-year-old says she paid for the $80 cut and unwittingly left, not knowing the state of her locks.

Danni says she paid $80 for this cut, and was completely unaware of what her hair looked like when she left. Photo: Facebook/dannidraper

“I asked for a toner and a concave cut,” Danni posted on Facebook.

“At the end (I hadn’t been shown the cut) I asked for a photo to be taken for the colour side of things. I then went and paid, went to my car to send the photo to my friend. This is what the hair dresser let me leave the store with.

Seen here an in old photo, the mum claims she was left in near tears after the botched cut. Photo: Instagram/dannidraper

"This is nothing like a concave cut at all, if she was not confident in the cut then I would have appreciated her being honest and saying so I would have just got a trim. 

“I went back she tried to fix it and it looked just as bad but just shorter so I now have to go somewhere else and get a hair cut a lot shorter than I initially wanted. I can’t write a review on their page as it is turned off.”

To make matters worse, Danni then shared a message exchange between her and the salon, with staffers saying they had tried to contact her, which the mum claimed wasn’t the case.

Despite the salon's claims they tried to contact her, Danni was left totally unsatisfied by their attempts to fix the situation. Photo: Facebook/dannidraper

The salon manager claimed there had been a lack of communication, with Danni leaving before the stylist had properly finished the cut, dried off and straightened it.

“I have still not received an apology,” Danni retorted. “If [the stylist] had not finished [why] did she let me PAY and then LEAVE the store? Would you not stop a customer?”

The salon took issue with Danni going to another salon to fix her botched cut. Photo: Facebook/dannidraper

Danni has since had her hair fixed at another salon, with her post going viral with nearly 3,000 shares.

“My god that's horrific my 6 yr could do better,” commented one Facebook user.

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