How the Queen has taken Meghan Markle under her wing

Ciara Sheppard

It’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth puts new royals through their paces.

Impressing Her Majesty is surely the most daunting task for any fledgling royal entering into Britain’s most-famous family, but it appears that the newly-titled Duchess of Sussex is doing a good job so far.

Just by watching Meghan Markle in action, it’s evident she’s easing into her new royal role seamlessly, always acting with the decorum and grace expected of royals – and it surely hasn’t gone unnoticed by the queen.

Meghan Markle with the Queen and other members of the royal family at her first Trooping the Colour. [Photo: Getty]

Meghan’s well-versed in watching how she acts in public, having spent a big portion of her life in the spotlight during her acting career, but how will she be trained in royal etiquette?

Prince Charles’ former butler Grant Harrold explains that new members of the royal family, such as Meghan Markle, learn royal etiquette by watching practiced members.

“She will learn from the other members of the royal family, which will be following them round, and copying the way they do things,” Harrold told Yahoo UK.

“She’s got a wonderful sister-in-law for this, and of course the Queen, because the Queen is the perfect member of the family to follow.”

According to sources, Meghan will be getting this exact opportunity this week, as she is joining the Queen for a one-on-one trip to Cheshire, traveling overnight via the royal train.

“What better person to do your first trip of this kind with than the Queen? It’s perfect.” says Harrold. 

“It’s not a joint thing, it’s not her and Harry, it’s just her and the Queen so it will give her an amazing opportunity to spend time with the Queen in private and in public.”

Meghan Markle was invited to Sandringham for Christmas last year, an honour usually reserved for those who are married into the family. [Photo: Getty]

The Duchess was also invited to Sandringham for Christmas last year, an honour usually reserved for those who are married into the family.

“It’s really important because it also show’s Meghan that yes it’s the Queen, but it’s saying ‘look, there’s nothing scary about us, we’re a family and you’re part of that’,” Harrold says.

“It’s not holding her hand, it is literally just guiding her and having the professionals with her to keep her right and make sure it works.”

Contrary to rumours that the Queen is putting Meghan through a six-month royal bootcamp, Harrold reveals that there are no special classes for budding royals.

“There are no special classes, there are no special manuals. Somebody might be there if she’s got any specific questions.

Meghan Markle with new husband Prince Harry, who she’ll likely learn a lot from. [Photo: Getty]

Grant guesses that Meghan will learn most of the royal etiquette through her husband Prince Harry, who sweetly explained ins-and-outs of the day to his wife at Meghan’s first Trooping the Colour this weekend.

“For the general day-to-day dos and don’ts, I think it will be things that she learns from the rest of the family.

“You don’t need a special advisor on this when you’ve got your husband who’s been doing this job his whole life.”

Stay tuned for coverage on Meghan’s trip with the Queen.

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