The Queen has set Fergie a list of rules to follow at Eugenie's wedding

Eliza Velk
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After years of keeping her distance, Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson will once again be reunited with the royal family of her ex-husband Prince Andrew as they all gather for her their daughter Eugenie’s wedding.

Princess Eugenie is set to tie the knot with her long-term partner Jack Brooksbank at St George’s Chapel this Friday, October 12 – the same venue Harry and Meghan’s used.

Sarah Ferguson will be attending the wedding of her daughter Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank this Friday. Photo: Getty

And given that Fergie will likely be out of touch with royal expectations, the Queen has reportedly put special measures in place for 58-year-old to make sure things run smoothly, according to Woman’s Day.

The first of which is that she is to sit on Jack’s family’s side of the chapel during the ceremony.

“She’s also been banned from making a speech, as much as Eugenie would have liked her to, out of fear she may say something untoward or make subtle digs at the family,” A palace aide told the publication.

The Queen has set in place guidelines for Princess Eugenie’s mum to follow at the royal wedding this Friday. Source: Getty

Fergie has apparently also been informed that she must avoid three members of the royal family on the day: Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

“Some of the royals have very much forgiven Fergie for her misdemeanours, but the likes of Prince Philip and Princess Anne still don’t see her point of view,” another palace source explained.

The Queen is reportedly very wary of Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson’s antics. Source: Getty

“Harry and Meghan invited her to their wedding ceremony, but it was very telling that she didn’t get an invitation to their reception – and William and Kate didn’t welcome her at all!”

The Queen is said to be very ‘wary’ of the Duchess and making sure she stays on her best behaviour after her some of her questionable antics in the past. 

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