Queen's secret code name revealed

Kristine Tarbert
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The Queen has a surprising code name. Photo: Getty

It’s no surprise to learn there are many security protocols when it comes to the Queen, but while the fact she has a code name can be expected, you might not have been able to guess what it actually is.

When Her Majesty is booked in for royal engagements or royal tours, her staff are said to simply call her ‘S’ for her safety.

A royal aid recently spilled the beans while on a reconnaissance security trip before an upcoming royal visit and let slip the Queen is “written down as S”, according to The Sun.

When asked what the ‘S’ actually stands for, he revealed: “It’s Sharon”.

Her staff refer to her as 'S' during royal engagements. Photo: Getty

And while the name seems a bit bland for someone has high standing as the Queen, royal historian Hugo Vickers supported the revelation saying it was “highly likely” this was her code name.

“The purpose of any sobriquet is that it should be anonymous and memorable,” he told the publication.

“If it can also be a bit mischievous and therefore all the more memorable, then that makes sense.”

Although he added that the ‘S’ might also simply stand for ‘Sovereign’.

It turns out Sharon is not the only code used when it comes to the Queen. It’s also been revealed that Buckingham Palace has one it will use when the Queen dies.

A woman of many names

There is a strict set of rules laid out for how the Palace will inform other government officials of the Queen’s passing and one of them includes the code name “London Bridge is down”.

The ‘secret’ phrase was originally unveiled by the Guardian in 2017, reporting it will be used to communicate the news with the Prime Minister - who will be woken if sleeping - and other governments across the world before the public finds out.

It's one of many names she goes by. Photo: Getty Images

Of course the Queen also goes by many sweet - and less serious - names when she is in private and with her family.

Prince Phillip likes to refer to his wife as “Lilibet”, something fans of The Crown will have learned already.

Her great-grandkids Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis soon as well, refer to her as “Gan-Gan”.

Even Prince William used to call the Queen “Gary” when he was young because he couldn’t pronounce “Granny” properly.

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