Queen and 3 heirs pose to mark new decade

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles (back, l), Prince William and Prince George (l) in the new portrait

Queen Elizabeth II has marked the start of the decade with a new formal photograph alongside the first three heirs to the British throne, her son Prince Charles, grandson Prince William and great-grandson Prince George.

The portrait of the four was taken at London's Buckingham Palace's throne room a week before Christmas.

The palace released the portrait on Saturday night.

For the photograph, Elizabeth, wearing a white dress with a blue brooch and with a signature handbag hanging from her forearm, stood in the front.

Charles posed with an arm around George's shoulder as the two stood next to the Queen on a red-carpeted step. William, the Duke of Cambridge, was behind the monarch on her other side.

It's only the second time Buckingham Palace has issued a portrait of the queen and her three heirs together.

The first, taken by the same photographer, was released in 2016 to mark Elizabeth's 90th birthday and used on commemorative stamps.