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Shoppers swear by this TikTok-famous, non-toxic stain remover — and it's just $9

How many beloved pieces of clothing, furniture and linens have you had to bid adieu to after getting sauce, blood, oil or ink on them? We've all had to part ways with prized items that were ruined this way — but not anymore! If you spend time on TikTok, you might have seen the Puracy Stain Remover come across your feed, but if not, let us enlighten you: This "miracle in a bottle" has taken the app by storm, thanks to its effectiveness on pretty much any spot you could imagine. It's made with plant-based ingredients rather than harsh chemicals, and at just $9? It's a steal!

For just $9 you'll get hundreds of uses out of this TikTok fave — that's a lot of white throw pillows you'll be saving!

$12 at Amazon

If you want to see the Puracy Stain Remover in action, there are plenty of TikTok before and after videos that'll show you just how well it works. It's especially popular with parents who are constantly washing their kids' stained clothes, but it works just as well for adults who have a bad habit of wearing white shirts whenever it's pizza night. Or who live in carpeted homes with cats. Or who own white sofas. Or — you get the idea.

What sets this hypoallergenic oil cleaner apart from the rest is that it's made of 98.95% natural enzymes and doesn't contain sulfates, ammonia, petrochemicals, dye or bleach. In fact, it was formulated to be gentle enough for sensitive skin — another reason parents love washing their children's clothing with it. The fact that it works so well given that it's free of headache-inducing chemicals is pretty impressive. No wonder TikTok loves it!

Puracy is safe to use on any material that can get wet, and for new stains, all you do is spray some product onto the area you're targeting, let it sit for 15 minutes and throw it in the wash. With older stains, you'll want to massage the cleaner in with a soft brush and wait at least eight hours (or up to several days) before washing. The process might need to be repeated to completely remove the stain, but hey, if it saves you from having to buy a new throw blanket every time the dog treats it like a pee pad, it's worth it.

Dirty tomato sauce stain on white fabric
Blood and sweat causing you tears? Puracy Stain Remover to the rescue! (Photo: Getty)

In addition to being a bonafide TikTok hit, Puracy Stain Remover has impressed nearly 10,000 Amazon customers — so much so, that they took the time to give it a perfect five-star rating.

"Say goodbye to those pesky stains that have been haunting your favorite clothes," wrote a happy cleaner. "This stain remover tackles everything from stubborn coffee spills to pesky grass stains with ease. And the best part? It's gentle on fabrics, so you don't have to worry about it wreaking havoc on your beloved garments. No more harsh chemicals or toxic fumes, just pure stain-busting power. I had a garment with a ONE YEAR old blood stain. A couple shots of this and two wash cycles and the stain was GONE."

"I've used the carpet stain remover from this brand and absolutely loved it!" gushed another satisfied reviewer. "I was beyond excited to try the one made for clothes. I have a very messy 3-year-old, and let me tell you ... I spray her clothes as soon as I take them off, and this stuff has gotten out 99% of the stains so far. I'm almost done with my first bottle, and this will have a permanent spot in my laundry room!"

"This really works on oil stains!" exclaimed a final fan. "I was skeptical, but tried this just in case it did actually work. It got out all of the oil stains that were there for several washings with other stain removers. The only complaint is the dispensing. It does not spray well ... sort of drips out, but maybe that's because it's thicker than most stain removers. Not enough of a problem not to purchase again."

Don't let one more area rug meet its demise! 

$12 at Amazon

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