P'Trique for THE OUTNET.COM.
P'Trique for THE OUTNET.COM.

P'Trique for THE OUTNET.COM.

She had us in fits of giggles with her parody 'Sh*t Fashion Girls Say', and now fashion identity P'Trique is back on our screens, this time for THE OUTNET.COM.

After getting heavily into debt due to her addiction to online shopping, things go downhill for the fashionista.

"P'Trique!" screeches her mother over the phone. "We just got your credit card bill. You spent $40,000 on THE OUTNET.COM this month?!"

P'Trique's response?

"Everything was 60% off!"

Forced into manual labour, P'Trique looks at getting a job somewhere that will feed her fashion addiction and earn her some money: THE OUTNET.COM.

Although P'Trique gets off to a rocky start (at one point she hangs up on a video conference call saying, "Did you see that lighting? We look fugly") somehow we think she'll grab the promotion she's longing for.

But to help her get there, you have to show her your support! Watch and learn below and follow the #InsideTHEOUTNET hashtag on Twitter to stay updated.