Property power! How to make your home more comfy (and more sellable!)

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Trusted TV tradie Adam Dovile shares his secret to ‘energising your renovation’ and creating a home you’ll love to live in.

Making choices about powering your property is a fundamental building block for any renovation. But did you know, choosing the right combination of energy solutions can add value and make your home more comfortable to live in? Adam Dovile takes you on a walkthrough of a new renovation as he explains the main things to consider in planning a reno.

Before you start:

Whether you’re ready to go with your reno, or just thinking about one, before you start knocking down walls or ripping up carpet, take a tour around and work out what energy mix you'll need.

1. Heating

In Australia, while we sweat through 40-degree days in summer, the winters are chilly and “most homes aren't designed to keep us cosy,” Adam says. So, what’s the best way to manage the seasons? “Installing a Natural Gas heating system is ideal,” Adam says. “As opposed to a traditional electric system, a six-star rated, Natural Gas system is more energy efficient and it's more affordable, so it's a great selling point.”

Installing a whole-of-home ducted system instantly makes your home more live-able, offering cost-effective control whether you want to heat your whole home quickly, or zone areas to manage the temperature in different rooms.

Adam’s pro tips? “In the living room, you can install a sleek and stylish Natural Gas fireplace to create some real ambience and make it feel super cosy. Plus, if you're planning on re-glazing the windows of the property, consider double or even triple glazing to really keep that heat in.”

2. Power points

You're going to need a lot of power points all over your home, so be strategic about where you place them and the kind of sockets you install. “Remember, these days a lot of appliances are charged by USB, so I'd recommend some of the points have USB ports and make sure you put a power point on each side of the bed,” Adam says.

3. Cooking

Adam’s pro tip? “Modern kitchens are places to cook together, and in the kitchen, you're going to have a lot of appliances,” he says. “If you like to show off a bit in the kitchen, a Natural Gas cooktop with a wok burner will give you that great sizzle when you're rustling up a stir fry. Think about positioning your cooktop and oven in different areas of the kitchen, to create a more communal cooking space.”

4. Hot water

If you're installing Natural Gas heating, it makes sense to go with a Natural Gas instant hot water system as well. These kinds of systems heat the water as it flows through the taps so there's no wasted water, and the units are really compact, so no ugly, large external storage units to worry about.

Adam’s pro tip? “For an even greener solution, consider a solar powered hot water system. You can get units that combine solar with a Natural Gas booster, which means you don't have to have a cold shower on cloudy days.”

5. Power outdoor areas

Even if you don't have an alfresco zone right now, in stage two of your renovation, you're going to want to have power outside, Adam explains. “Most outdoor appliances can be run on LPG bottles, but then you run the risk of running out of gas halfway through your barbie. If you install Natural Gas, you can create an outdoor kitchen, install a barbecue, pizza oven, fire pit - oh, and for the pool and spa, water heaters.”

Adam’s pro tip? “To let you into a secret, in New South Wales, the more gas you use, the less you pay per unit. So it could make a difference to your pocket to install multiple energy efficient, Natural Gas appliances.”

When considering energy options for your home, get in the experts. They can advise you on the right energy mix and where you can put connections to avoid retrofits down the line, to create a more sellable and energy efficient home.

Transform your home with Natural Gas appliances.

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