Project fans fuming over Steve Price’s plastic bag comments

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

On Wednesday Coles announced their decision to backflip on the initiative to ban plastic bags completely.

After suggesting that shoppers are not ready to make the transition, the supermarket giant declared that they will continue to supply thicker plastic bags to their customers free of charge.

And while many people aren’t so happy about this decision, Steve Price was rejoicing over the matter.

Steve Price admitted on The Project that he is thrilled about Coles’ decision to bring back plastic bags. Source: TenBE/AU/Entertainment/TV

“They’re back. The bags are back,” Steve said with a smirk while waving a plastic bag in his hand on last night’s episode of The Project.

“Listen, this is common sense, it reestablishes competition and it says that the customer is always right. Coles decided to ban those bags and their customers said we don’t like it, we want them back.”

“Waleed can go to Woollies or IGA, I can go to Coles and we are all happy,” he said.

To which Waleed fired back with the witty comment, “As if you do your own shopping”.

Steve then found himself in a heated debate with advertising executive Dee Manigan who argued that Coles has made a misstep with this decision and should expect ‘huge backlash’ considering the majority of customers are actually behind the bag ban. 

“These are keyboard warriors,” Price spoke over her. “What about the people who actually go and do the shopping and who have said to Coles, ‘No, we want our plastic bags’”.

“10 million plastic bags end up in NSW in the environment every year… we need to start the change somewhere,” Dee explained before being interrupted yet again by Steve.

“You talk about plastic bags in the ocean, yeah that’s in South-East Asia, it’s not here. How many people in Dubbo are killing porpoises with plastic bags? None,” Steve said while calling her statistics ‘incorrect’.

It wasn’t long before social media blew up over the feud with many infuriated over what was coming out of Steve’s mouth as he continued his rant over the top of fellow guest Dee.


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