The professions most likely to cheat - and why they do it

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Our expert weighed in on just how much a person’s profession can determine whether or not they’ll stray. Photo: Getty Images

An expert has weighed in on just how much a person’s profession can determine whether or not they’ll stray, following the results of an explosive survey.

The figures come from the Victoria Milan dating website  – which tees up extramarital affairs for married people – and revealed many of its users come from relatively specific streams of work.

According to the study – which profiled 5,650 of the site’s users – those in the high pressure and highly lucrative field of finance were most likely to cheat.

In fact, 21 per cent of the women surveyed who were already seeking an extramarital affair were bankers, brokers or analysts.

For relationship expert Louanne Ward, the link between the financial sector and cheating is obvious, and trickles down as far as the workers’ own personality traits.

“Ego and narcissism are big contributing factors in the psychology of someone who cheats,” Louanne told Yahoo Lifestyle, adding that the bursts of energy in finance’s robust environment can make people ‘much more emotionally charged’.

“Coupled with long hours in high-pressure situations, working with others facing a similar environment often brings a sense of closeness that people might feel others, including their partner, can’t possibly know,” she said.

“This shared vision can be a tight bond which is easily elevated into something more – something inappropriate when an opportunity arises.”

Relationship expert Louanne Ward says the link between an occupation and cheating can be obvious. Photo: Supplied

The survey’s second most represented group were also high fliers – albeit of a different kind – with 15 per cent of participants working as either pilots or flight attendants.

Again, this inclusion was an obvious one for Louanne, who acknowledged she has often found “some credibility to the urban myth which purports pilots as cheaters”.

“While clearly not the rule of thumb, it’s hard to ignore the workplace is full of the temptations of beautiful women.

She also detailed how the nature of the job’s isolated work gave staff “the opportunity to pursue romantic interests with very little chance of being caught”.

“Not only are pilots away from home creating a safe pathway the accommodation in swanky hotels serves as a spontaneous playground.

“And the detachment of physical and emotional contact of a partner which many work-away from home occupations must adapt to. It is almost like living a double life.”

Among those surveyed, a scary 65 per cent of the professional women admitted to sleeping with a co-worker, but a hefty 85 per cent said it was a practise they wouldn’t recommend.

Louanne explained this phenomenon in the context of workplaces by revealing “office romances are often premeditated and rules of engagement are negotiated before anything serious takes place”.

“The false promises a new romantic connection can be so good we choose to ignore sound reasoning in the hope something special and beautiful comes out of it,” she said.

“Putting doubts in your mind isn’t helpful for you, or your relationship,” Louanne said. Photo: Getty Images

“The cost is high, but we have a knack for convincing ourselves it’s all worth it.

“Often times much is compromised – reputation, respect, possibly a comfortable working environment, and even a safe and secure home life.”

Rounding out the top ten of occupations most likely to cheat included those who worked in healthcare, business, sports, art, nightlife, communications and the legal industry.

And while there is no definite formula as to whether a person will cheat on their partner, Louanne insists there are generally key signs to be – or not to be – wary of.

“Just because someone works in a profession that is known for having affairs, doesn’t mean your partner is cheating on you – and putting doubts in your mind isn’t helpful for you, or the relationship,” she said.

“If you go looking for evidence of infidelity be prepared to find clues which you could be blowing way out of proportion.

“Ultimately cheaters, don’t hide your morality or lack of behind your choice of occupation. There is always a choice and it’s not okay to deflect your unfaithfulness on outside influences, be it your job, stress, temptation or alcohol.

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