Private school dating app launches in Australia

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Toffee is a dating app exclusively for private schools. Photo: Youtube

Saddle your ponies, and polish up on your polo skills because a brand new dating app has been launched and it’s all about attracting ‘the right kind of people’ if you know what I mean.

No, not decent human beings with a genuine interest in pursuing a relationship, but those that have grace the hallowed halls of private schooling institutions.

Yep, this app is designed to weed the toffs from the masses and match them up for the happily ever after mummy and daddy have always dreamed of.

Appropriately enough the app is called ‘Toffee’ and it promises to match, “the right people to help them find their match with our sophisticated matching algorithm taking care of all your dating homework.”

This could be you, if your school cost between $18,000- $40,000 per annum. Photo: Youtube

They go on to specify that this isn’t any old dating app, but a user experience specifically tailored to find someone who enjoys the same recreational activities that you do.

“...whether it’s a shared interest in horse racing or rugby, Toffee users can indicate which sporting and social events they are interested in or likely to attend, to further enhance the matching logic,” the website reads.

There is nothing quite so irksome as being matched with a potential gentleman only to discover he prefers rugby over horse racing, what a true disaster!

For anyone who might think this is some elitist garbage fear not, creator and private school enthusiast Lydia Davis says there’s a very logical reason behind the concept.

“We set it up because we know people from similar backgrounds are more likely to stick together,” she said.

If you thought we were as deep in posh territory as we can get, then you’ve not yet checked out the sites promotional video.

The piece de resistance, the video features lots of bow ties, champagne and men called ‘Freddy’.

Or so one assumes. No ‘Jeff’ is walking around with a cleft chin like that.

Freddy. Photo: Youtube
Also Freddy. Photo: Youtube

The sample profiles feature names such as Archie, Sophie, Heather, India, Poppy and Sarah, and honestly we can’t make this stuff up.

Originally launched in the UK where only 8% of people are privately schooled, the app will be less exclusive down under where 34% of students attend independent schools.

The app will cost those that qualify a cool $6.99 a month, and can be paid for with daddy’s credit card.

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