Are you dating a cheater? Here's how to spot one

We’ve all heard the saying ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ but how do you know if you’re with partner who plays away from home?

Well private investigator Lachlan Jarvis, from Lyonswood Investigations, claims to know exactly what the typical Australian cheater looks like.

Speaking to Be, Lachlan said men are more likely to be unfaithful than women and they’ve usually been married before.

Lachlan, who has been in the business of uncovering cheating scandals for years, said men in their 40’s are the biggest culprits and they get very few women in their 20’s or 30’s trying to catch their partner out.

“Usually they have children and usually they were married earlier on,” Lachlan said.

“Generally speaking, it’s people who have been married for some time.”

Usually, cheaters leave a trail of evidence behind them and Lachlan said there’s some pretty simple things to look out for if you’re on the hunt for clues.
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“It’s just basic things. Is your partner not accounted for?” he said.

“Are they not answering their phone when they should be?

“Do they not have a reasonable excuse?”

Lachlan said it’s a combination of things that can lead to an intuition about somebody playing away from home – and even technology plays a big part in that.

“Maybe sometimes they find a suspicious message or overhear a phone call that’s odd,” he said.

“More that 60 per cent women and they’re usually right about their suspicions.”

And while most people think catching someone out would take spy wear and hacking email, Lachlan believes the only thing thing he needs is a camera.

“In our experience, the way they would get that peace of mind is by seeing as close to first hand as possible what’s taken place,” he said.

“We endeavor to provide video footage taken covertly of their partner meeting or acting intimately with someone, if that’s what’s happened.

“Whether that be a kiss or a walk along the beach or arm in arm or whatever it might be, we seek to document that and give them that on a DVD and we find that that’s the best form of evidence.”

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