Private investigator reveals the top signs your partner is cheating

Sarah Carty

If you’ve been suspicious for a while now that your other half is playing away from home, chances are you're probably right.

Private investigator Lachlan Jarvis, from Lyonswood Investigations, who have been uncovering cheating scandals for the past 35 years, said women’s intuition should never be disregarded.

In fact, he claims that over 60 per cent of women who come to him with suspicions about their other half are always right.

A private investigator has revealed the top signs your partner is cheating on you. Photo: Getty Images
Lachlan has been in the industry for years and revealed the top tips to look out for. Photo: Getty Images

“The vast majority of people who come to us are correct when they suspect their partner is cheating and they’re coming to us really for confirmation,” Lachlan told Be.

Usually, cheaters leave a trail of evidence behind them and Lachlan said there’s some pretty simple things to look out for if you’re on the hunt for clues.

“It’s just basic things. Is your partner not accounted for?” he started.

“Are they not answering their phone when they should be?

“Do they not have a reasonable excuse?”

Lachlan said it’s a combination of things that can lead to an intuition about somebody playing away from home – and even technology plays a big part in that.

60 per cent of the women who come to see Lachlan are right about their partner cheating on them. Photo: Getty Images

“Maybe sometimes they find a suspicious message or overhear a phone call that’s odd,” he said.

“More that 60 per cent women and they’re usually right about their suspicions.”

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