Pringles Unveils Limited-Time Flavor That's Sure to Heat Up Your Summer

Pringles released a new flavor at the intersection of sweet-meets-spicy and fans are already declaring it their "new favorite."

Pringles Sweet Chili Sauce crisps are said to meld the "crunch of potato, [heat of] cayenne pepper and sweet sauce flavor combined for a delicious take on the Thai-inspired condiment," per an official description provided on the brand's portfolio of products webpage, which also describes the new snack as "a flavor explosion."

The new flavor is available wherever you get your other cans of Pringles.

So far, reviewers are ranking the limited-time release very highly, with one Maryland-based fan calling them "so tasty!" and "Definitely a new favorite." The review, published on the Pringles' website three days ago, continued, "Will be sad to see these go since they are a limited time flavor."

"Best chips ever I love them so much that so good yum yum," a second fan from Michigan added.

"I love this one," a third wrote. "Sad its only limited."

Blogger Markie_Devo, who has accumulated over 117,000 followers with his food-focused content, polled Instagram users asking if they'd try the new flavor if they saw it at stores, and the response was also pretty positive.

"where the hell are these," one very excited fan wrote.

"Yeah, I guess I'll try 'em," someone else added in part.

A different user replied with the fire and clap emojis, "🔥👏."

"i mean it’s about time we get some new flavors!" another wrote.

Little do they know, this is one of several new flavors the brand announced this year. Among the additions joining Pringles' lineup include can-less options of longtime faves and the new Cheesy Jalapeño Popper and Texas BBQ Brisket crisps.

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