Principal forced to end bizarre 'birthday spankings’ tradition

Allison Yee
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As far as birthday traditions go, we’re down with the cake, the presents, the gushing well wishes and endless attention on your special day.

But for the students at Alvord Elementary School in Texas, another year older means heading to the principal’s office to receive something less conventional – their birthday spankings.

The tradition sees students called to the principal’s office to receive a ‘spanking’ as well as lollies. Photo: Getty

CBS 11 news anchor Dan Haggerty alerted the world to the bizarre birthday trend when he tweeted a letter the principal sent home to parents.

Describing how the students get called to the principal’s office to receive their ‘birthday spanking’ along with a pencil and a piece of candy, the principal claims that in the last eight years, they’ve only had five students request not to receive their ‘swat’.

The principal then made it clear to parents that if they didn’t want their child to be part of the tradition, they needed to expressly inform the school.

“If you are requesting your child not to participate by receiving birthday/special day spankings – this request must be in writing,” the letter reads.

The school was forced to cancel the tradition after complaints. Photo: Getty

Dan later posted another tweet, which revealed that after receiving two complaints, the school had decided to end their ‘birthday spanking’ tradition.

“We understand that while everyone doesn’t have a concern with this practice, some do,” Alvord ISD Superintendent Dr Randy Brown said.

“The campus principal decided on her own accord to discontinue the tradition. She will continue to celebrate each child’s birthday with a hug or a high five.”

The bizarre tradition had the internet totally confused.

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